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Door Repair, Removal & Installation

If you have creaking hinges or need a door replacement, we’re here for you. Our skilled handymen at Broad Shoulders Handyman provide door repair, removal, and installation services to Chicagoland suburbs and the surrounding areas. We can solve a number of door and framing issues in a single visit. Our fully insured handymen can replace interior and exterior doors, storm and screen doors, locksets, doorknobs, door handles, and install smart locks. We’ll even go the extra step to winterize your doors to boost energy efficiency. Our team will treat your own like it’s our own. We’ll give 100% and offer tips to preserve the life of your door. Contact us to get started!

Hand operating on a door latch

Offering Door Repairs and Installation Services

Broad Shoulders Handyman can handle any door service for you, including:

Door Frame & Jamb Adjustment

We will troubleshoot the current problem to check for missing or damaged parts, gaps, and areas that are out of plumb. Our hadnyman will then adjust the door correctly, so it opens and closes without a problem.

Knob Repair or Replacement

If your current hardware is no longer working or your locking mechanism needs repairing, we will troubleshoot to find the issue.

Smart Lock or Doorbell Installation

We can remove your old lockset, install the new one, and then sync it with your mobile app.

Door Replacement

We will measure the opening of your door for proper replacement. We can do interior or exterior doors on door slabs or pre-hung locations. Some doors will require two handymen for transport and installation. The cost does not include the door, but we can order and transport your door for an additional charge

Door Winterization

Boost energy efficiency and get rid of drafts with our winterization services.

Hire a Door Handyman Today

We understand doors and hinges don’t seem like an issue until they aren’t correctly working. Broad Shoulders Handyman is experienced with all types of door repairs and installations. With decades of experience, our reputable handymen will quickly and efficiently perform door services for you. Whether you need a simple door repair like a stuck lock or a complete door installation, our artisans are up for the task. Contact us today for a quote!

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