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Professional Electrical Services

Brighten your day with our electrical services! Broad Shoulders Handyman provides electrical services to Chicagoland suburbs, and the surrounding areas. If you need electrical repairs or installations, we’re here for you. Our expert handymen are skilled in appliance installations and electrical wiring. Our team has decades of experience in projects around the home. We understand electricity has many challenges, so it’s essential to let professionals handle it. Our team is reliable and knowledgeable about electricity. We’ll provide a quote for our services and arrive on time. You can trust our fully insured, background-checked service handymen. Contact us today to get started.

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Skilled Handymen for Electrical Services

Some of our most common electrical projects include:

Light Fixtures Repairs and Replacements

Our handyman will remove your old fixture and repair any faulty wiring.

Outlet Repair & Installation

We will locate the issue of the problem, repair the wiring and replace the outlet if needed. We can also install GFCI outlets.

Light Switch Repair

We will troubleshoot the issue and replace your light switches with dimmers and smart switches if needed.

Appliance Installation

We hook up appliances and test them using the manufacturer’s installation instructions. We will send multiple handymen for heavy-duty items.

Smoke Detector Installation

We can install battery-operated smart detectors or replace wired smoke detectors when you need new smoke alarms.

Thermostat Installation

Our handymen are skilled in removing old thermostats, repairing the drywall, and installing the new thermostat. Whether it’s a smart thermostat or a standard one, we can program them all.

Relocate Outlet or Switch

We will move your outlet box, replace it, patch or repair the drywall, and paint the area to look as good as new.

Ceiling Fan Repair and Replacements

We will troubleshoot your ceiling fan problems and repair or replace your fan if needed.

Fluorescent to LED Lighting Upgrades

We can upgrade your fluorescent lighting to LED lighting in any room of your home.

GFI Repairs, Replacements, and Upgrades

We can repair GFI outlets, replace standard outlets or old GFI outlets with new ones, and upgrade current outlets to safer GFI outlets.

Dimmable Switch Repairs, Replacements, and Upgrades

We will troubleshoot your dimmable switches to determine if you need repairs or a replacement. We can also upgrade your current light switches to dimmable or smart switches.

Outdoor Motion or Photo Sensor Repairs, Replacements, and Upgrades

Our handymen are knowledgeable about repairs, replacements, and upgrades of outdoor motion or photo sensors.

Smart Doorbell Installation

Our handyman can install your doorbell camera wiring and camera and set up your mobile app.

Outdoor Fixture Repairs and Replacements

If your outdoor fixtures have issues, we are knowledgeable about repairs and will replace them if necessary.

Outdoor Receptacle Install for Decks

We are experienced in working with the strict guidelines of outdoor receptacles for exterior decks.

USB Outlet Upgrade

If you want to upgrade to USB outlets, we will install and wire them throughout your home.

Guaranteed to Exceed Your Expectations

We understand electricity can be tricky and dangerous. Our handymen are experts with electricity and follow strict safety guidelines. We treat your home like it’s our home. We’ve got you covered, from repairing one light switch to relocating outlets in your home. At Broad Shoulders Handyman we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence. We strive always to exceed your expectations. Contact our experts when you need electrical work done in and around your home. We’ll offer an honest quote and get to work as soon as possible.

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