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Furniture Moving Services

Leave the heavy lifting to our expert movers in Chicagoland suburbs. Broad Shoulders Handyman will help you move furniture and heavier items around your house. If you bought a new piece of furniture or need help renovating a space, we can move the pieces around for you. Our reliable movers know the safest and most efficient ways to move any size and piece of furniture. If a piece is too large for one person to move, we may send two. Our friendly staff will treat your home and furniture as their own. We’re committed to exceeding expectations by offering the most efficient and best-moving services for the furniture in your home. Contact us today to get started.

Two men wearing blue uniform holding furniture items

Benefits of Hiring Us for Heavy Lifting

We know there are many options to help with moving heavy furniture, but our handymen are the best for the job for many reasons. The benefits of hiring our team to move your furniture include:

  • You get peace of mind knowing your furniture is in the best possible hands.
  • Most moving companies come with hefty prices.
  • Our experienced movers have the strength needed to move any size of an object.
  • We have the necessary supplies to ensure your valuables safely get to their new space.
  • Our handymen work quickly in the most efficient way possible.

Trust Us With Your Furniture Needs

Too many people try to move furniture around their home, hurting themselves in the process. We’re happy to help you move furniture and position other pieces to complement it perfectly. During a renovation or getting new pieces in, it’s important to have someone who can safely move furniture through the home. Broad Shoulders Handyman offers the skills and experience you need for this task. Our movers have many years of experience doing heavy lifting and staying educated on the safest ways to move heavy objects. We’re committed to helping the dreams for your home become a reality. Contact us today!

Call Us Today for Handyman Services!