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Providing Smart Home Product Installation

Technology is a welcome, fantastic addition to most homes but can also be overwhelming at times. Broad Shoulders Handyman offers smart home device installation in Chicagoland suburbs and the surrounding areas to put your mind at ease and ensure even the most challenging technological systems are in working order. Our experienced team can install any brand of smart home device, including doorbells, thermostats, security systems, fire detectors, monitors, cameras, and more. Our fully insured handymen have years of experience and knowledge. We’re backed with a guarantee that we will treat your home like it’s our own with the utmost respect. You can trust us for your smart home installation needs.

Woman touching a device with her finger

Energy Efficiency & Security With Smart Home Products

We understand many smart home products are confusing to install. Our skilled handymen will install and program your smart home products quickly and efficiently. Some of Our Most Common Services Include:

Thermostat Installation

We will examine your current HVAC low voltage wiring, install your smart home thermostat, set up your mobile app, and ensure all parts are in working order.

Smart Lock Installation

We will examine your current lockset for any problems, install the smart lockset, set up your mobile features, and show you how to work the system in detail.

Doorbell Camera Installation

We will install your doorbell camera wiring and camera, set up your mobile app, and complete any additional work. Depending on your smart lock model, we may need to address drywall and electrical work.

Contact Our Experienced, Trustworthy Team

You can trust our team to treat your home like its own. We background check and drug test all of our employees to provide optimal service to customers like you. Our team of handymen understands smart home projects can be intimidating to some, but they are never intimidated by programming and electrical work. We can work with any smart home product and brand. With extensive knowledge and experience, Broad Shoulders Handyman team members will get your projects done right the first time. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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