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Providing Trusted Window Installations & Repairs

We’re here for you when you need help weatherproofing your windows or hanging new window treatments. Our team at Broad Shoulders Handyman provides window installations and repairs to Chicagoland suburbs area residents. Our window services will help you maintain the perfect temperature indoors and boost your energy efficiency. Our skilled craftsmen can do everything from winterizing to beautifying your home’s windows. Broad Shoulders Handyman ‘s fully-insured handymen are passionate about providing optimal customer service and skills. We’re experts, known for our professional reliability and superior outcomes. We work hard to exceed expectations. Contact us today for an estimate!

man working on a window

High-Quality Window Services for Your Home

Broad Shoulders Handyman offers many types of high-quality window services for your home. Some of our most common window services include:

  • Weatherproofing & Sealing – We will examine your home for any cold spots or drafts caused by leaking windows. After locating these spots, we will apply weatherproofing products and seal window casings.
  • Blinds & Window Treatment Installation – Our team can install your window blinds and treatments anywhere in the home. We can also set up a consultation meeting to measure your blinds and order the window products before installation for an additional fee. 
  • Window Repair – We will repair and replace the balance if you have broken or stuck windows. Many window repairs require two handymen for property safety measures. Our service team will work with you to determine if you need extensive window replacements and make alternative recommendations if needed.

Trust Your Window Experts

We’re here to ensure your leaky windows don’t boost your electricity bill and install your new window treatments perfectly. Put the fate of your windows in the skilled hands of our handymen. We understand windows and blinds are an essential part of your home. We’ll thoroughly examine your window screens and frames while repairing or installing your windows to determine they’re in optimal condition. If not, we will make recommendations for future repairs. Our trusted team of handymen and customer service experts will help you find the best solution for your windows. Contact us today for a quote!

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