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Home Watch Services

Broad Shoulders Handyman Service is the best choice to watch your property while you are away because we can remedy any issue in house. We do not need to call another company and wait on them. You can rest assured your property is safe and in good hands while you are enjoying your time away.

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Our Home Watch Service Includes

  • Inspection for popped circuit breakers
  • Alarm system operation
  • Document air conditioning temperature
  • Document humidity Levels
  • Inspect appliances
  • Check windows and doors to make sure they are secure
  • Run water in the sinks, toilets and shower to ensure drains are working properly
  • Check for signs of mold or mildew around walls, windows and ceiling
  • Garage inspection
  • Sweep front entry
  • Check water heater for leaks
  • Visual inspection of landscaping
  • Check for signs of vandalism
  • Provide digital photographs if necessary to document any home damage
  • Mail Retrieval
  • Remove solicitations, newspaper, phonebooks, etc
  • Check trickle charger is operational on parked vehicles
  • Check for insect or rodent infestation
  • Check cabinets for leaking bottles or bugs
  • Provide Feedback after home watch visit
  • Phone call if necessary

Additional Services

  • Handyman Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Parcel Handling
  • Provide cleaning service for your residence
  • Provide boat watch and running of boat motors
  • Vehicle check, running engine and checking oil
  • Driving vehicles
  • Starting parked vehicles/checking that battery is still charged
  • Furniture Delivery
  • Open your residence before you arrive
  • Close your residence after you leave
  • Stock residence with food and supplies before you arrive
  • Handyman Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Install WiFi Cameras
  • Change smoke detector and thermostat batteries
  • Key Holder for work on Property
  • Local Contact for Alarm Calls 24/7

Call Us Today for Handyman Services!